Knife Sharpening Stone

Cutting Edge Objects Premium Knife Sharpening Stone. Double sided whetstone sharpener. Grit 1000/6000. Non-slip bamboo base. Free knife angle guide and video.
  • Why a Whetstone: Unlike sharpening steels which maintain but don’t sharpen, grind away too much of your knife's blade and change the knife shape, expensive diamond stone sharpeners or pull through sharpeners that can’t handle severely dull blades, the Cutting Edge Objects whetstone keep knives razor sharp while saving time and money; easy to use and clean - Remember sharp knives are actually safer to use than dull ones which require more pressure
  • Complete kit; including double sided stone, an attractive bamboo wood non slip base and silicone non slip stone holder which hold the stone securely in place as you sharpen to ensure ease and safety; knife angle guide included to ensure a perfect edge every time with no damage to your knives; quick and easy to use with full instructions and access to user video instruction guide; all presented in an attractive cardboard presentation box.
  • Sharpens all kinds of blades (ceramic and steel); including pocket, chefs, fillet, sushi, hunting and carving knives, chisels, scissors, even ice skate blades ; double sided; regular use of these two grit grades ensures constant level of sharp­ness; coarse grit side used for very blunt blades, repairing nicked or damaged blade edges; fine grit side to finish the sharpening process and remove any slight nicks from the sharpened blade. Regular use of two grades will ensure a constant sharp­ness
  • Attractive high quality stone that meets it's grit specifications; our stone is manufactured to the highest quality specifications ensuring it gives your knives the perfect edge; it is packaged very securely to ensure there are no chips or other damage during transport; unlike other whetstones it does not require flattening often; for those who have not used a whetstone before we provide very detailed instructions and a comprehensive video demonstrating the technique
  • Your satisfaction guaranteed – Our product is backed by our manufacturers 30-day money back guarantee, with a 1 year free replacement warranty, so if you are not happy with your product or have any problem at all with it we will look after you - ZERO RISK for you
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