Gift Ideas for Your 25th Wedding Anniversary

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Congratulations on twenty-five years of marriage, a milestone that marks two and a half decades of love and dedication that is truly remarkable. This anniversary is known as the “silver jubilee” because all of the gift themes are silver, which represents strength, endurance, and the brilliance of a relationship that has stood the test of time. Celebrate this anniversary with a gift that reflects the years of joy and devotion that have led you to this special day while you look ahead to twenty-five more years of blissful companionship.

Silver gift ideas tend to skew heavily toward jewelry and home decor. If you’re shopping for your parents or a couple of close friends and you’re not finding inspiration in this anniversary theme, we recommend considering a personalized gift for couples.

25th Anniversary Gifts

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While the concept of giving anniversary gifts is likely centuries-old with roots in many cultures, the first recorded instance of the practice dates back to the 18th century German tradition of silberne hochzeit, a custom in which wives would receive silver wreaths from their husband and friends on their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. This tradition was no doubt influenced by royal silver jubilees, marking the twenty-fifth anniversary of a monarch’s reign.

The practice of giving specific anniversary gifts is an excellent way to provide direction to the gifts you give throughout your marriage. Read on to discover gift ideas for the silver jubilee.

What Is the 25th Anniversary Gift Theme?

Depth of focus image of silver glitter with a text overlay that reads "Silver Jubilee"

Because the traditional, modern, and gemstone gift themes are all silver, the twenty-fifth anniversary is known as the “silver jubilee.” Silver is a precious metal prized for its distinct luster and valued for its resilient, yet malleable, physical properties. Because silver has a highly reflective surface when polished and can be easily shaped while maintaining a density that gives it a substantial feel, silver is a popular material for high-end items.

Ideas for gifts crafted of silver include jewelry and accessories, home decor and elegant tableware. When looking for a silver anniversary gift be sure to note whether or not the item is stamped with the number “925” to indicate that it is made from sterling silver, a metal alloy that consists of 95% pure silver mixed with other metals for greater strength and durability.

Featured Silver Anniversary Gifts

Silpada \\\'Wrapped Up\\\' Overlapping Textured Band Ring in Sterling Silver, Size 8, Size 8
Sterling Silver Wrap Ring
  • Featuring overlapping bands of textured sterling silver
  • Ideal for casual everyday wear
  • Ring face measures 11/16″ wide
$75.00 USD

This “Wrapped Up” ring easily achieves a stacked or layered look with a single piece of jewelry. Because wide rings can have a snug fit, we recommend going up a size for comfortable everyday wear.

BARIZANO Tarnish Proof 925 Sterling 5x7 Picture Frame, Silver
BariZano 5×7 Picture Frame
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Crafted from 925 sterling silver
  • With a tarnish proof finish
  • And mahogany wood back
  • Fits a 5″ x 7″ photo
$75.76 USD

This entire frame, including the stamped pattern and wood backing, is handcrafted by skilled Italian silversmiths in a village East of Florence. Fill the frame with a favorite photo or gift certificate for a family photo shoot to put this anniversary gift over the top.

Handmade Sterling Silver Knot Cuff Bracelet, Minimalist Rustic Simple Tied Silver Wires, Adjustable 6 7/8 inches Cuff, Women size M-L, Men size S-M, Gift for Her or Him
Handmade Knot Cuff Bracelet
  • Handcrafted from 95% pure silver
  • Features dual wires with a tied knot
  • Measures appx. 6.875″
  • With an adjustable design
$69.00 USD

This cuff bracelet features a love knot symbolizing the unbreakable bond and connection you share with your spouse while commemorating the day you tied the knot. Adjustable with a unisex design and available in multiple sizes, this anniversary gift is the perfect fit for anyone.

More 25th Anniversary Gift Ideas

What Is the 25th Anniversary Flower?

A close-up of purple iris blooms with a text overlay that reads "irises"

Irises are the twenty-fifth anniversary flower. Associated with the goddess Iris who served as a messenger of the gods in Greek mythology, irises represent communication and wisdom. These showy flowers bloom in the late spring and early summer and are a favorite among florists for their height and vibrant colors. Giving an anniversary bouquet of irises symbolizes your love and affection, communicating deep emotion and admiration.

If irises are unavailable or out of season, then a bouquet of your spouse’s favorite flowers or red roses is sure to be appreciated.

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