Curated Anniversary Gift Ideas for Every Year of Marriage

Close up of a young couple's hands as they exchange a gift

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Anniversaries are a special celebration of the love shared by two people. Finding a great gift for your loved one can already be tough, add in the challenge of fitting a specific theme and it can seem impossible. Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here!

We’ll help you discover the traditional, modern, gemstone and flower gifts for every major anniversary and learn the meanings behind each theme. Our gift guides and curated selection of anniversary gifts will make it easy to find the perfect present for every major year of marriage. Whether you’re shopping for your spouse, your parents or close friends, don’t just wonder what present you’re supposed to give, give a wonderful gift every time!

Of course, no one knows your loved one like you do and the most important thing to remember about choosing the right gift is to give something from the heart. Our goal is to provide inspiration to help you find the perfect gift.

Anniversary Gifts by Year
Year Traditional Modern Gemstone Flower
1st Paper Clocks Gold Carnation
2nd Cotton China Garnet Lily of the Valley
3rd Leather Crystal or Glass Pearl Sunflower
4th Fruit & Flowers Appliances Blue Topaz Hydrangea
5th Wood Silverware Sapphire Daisy
6th Candy or Iron Wood Amethyst Calla Lily
7th Wool or Copper Desk Sets Onyx Freesia
8th Bronze Linens & Lace Tourmaline Lilac
9th Pottery Leather Lapis Lazuli Bird of Paradise
10th Tin or Aluminium Diamond Jewelry Diamond Daffodil
11th Steel Fashion Jewelry Turquoise Tulip
12th Silk or Linen Pearls & Gems Jade Peony
13th Lace Textiles Citrine Chrysanthemum
14th Ivory Gold Jewelry Opal Orchid
15th Crystal Watches Ruby Rose
20th China Platinum Emerald Aster
25th Silver Silver Silver Iris
30th Pearl Diamond Pearl Lily
40th Ruby Ruby Ruby Gladiolus
50th Gold Gold Gold Yellow Rose

The tradition of giving specific anniversary gifts by year of marriage has a long history. The practice is believed to have roots in the 18th century German custom of giving wreaths of silver and gold on the 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries.

We’ve based our guides on the list compiled by librarians at Chicago Public Library. The traditional list of anniversary gifts by year was expanded in 1937 by the American National Retail Jewelers Association when modern gifts were added for each anniversary.

In addition to the traditional and modern gift lists, each year of marriage is also associated with a specific gemstone and flower.