Gift Ideas for Your 8th Wedding Anniversary

8th Anniversary Gifts

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What Is the Traditional 8th Anniversary Gift?

Bronze is the traditional eighth anniversary gift. Made from a fusion of copper and tin, bronze represents the loving union between you and your spouse.

Pottery is considered an alternative traditional gift for the eighth year of marriage but it is also the traditional gift for the ninth anniversary. We recommend reserving this gift theme for your next anniversary.

Featured Bronze Anniversary Gifts

Garden Kinetic Wind Spinner: Bronze Leaves
Kinetic Garden Sculpture
  • Enjoy the elegant movement of double pinwheels
  • Solid metal construction
  • Dual-pronged, extra long stake
  • Measures 72″ x 24″

Hampton Nautical ST-0148-Black Floor Standing Oil-Rubbed Bronze Anchormaster 65"-Vintage Scope-Old Telescope
Vintage Bronze Standing Telescope
  • Fully functional telescope
  • Hand-finished metal telescope body
  • 18x magnification glass optics
  • Sturdy wooden tripod supports telescope when viewing

Bronze Victorian Square Cufflinks With Gift Box
Bronze Victorian Square Cufflinks
  • Victorian-era design
  • Features antiqued milgrain metalwork
  • Measures ¾” square
  • Clamshell gift box included

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What Is the Modern 8th Anniversary Gift?

The modern gift for eight years of marriage is linens & lace. Comprised of functional and beautiful items, linens & lace represent the delicate balance of a successful marriage.

Featured Linens & Lace Anniversary Gifts

B-COOL 60 X120 Inch Classic White Wedding Lace Tablecloth Lace Tablecloth Overlay Vintage Embroidered Lace Overlay for Rustic Wedding Reception Decor Spring Summer Outdoor Party
Classic Embroidered Tablecloth
  • Made of high quality lace
  • Features intricately designed floral openwork
  • With fringe details
  • Size: 60″ x 120″
$11.80 USD

All Smiles Decorative Throw Pillow Covers 18x18 Set of 2 Summer Cases Farmhouse Decor Housewarming Gifts Decoration Quote Words Outdoor Cushion for Couch Sofa Bed Bedroom New Home,Love Home
Throw Pillow Covers
  • Features Love + Home typographic designs
  • Made from cotton linen
  • Size: 18″ x 18″
  • Includes 2 pillow covers
  • Removable and washable
$9.99 USD

Personalized Embroidered Luxury Bath Towel (MKS Embroidery Design) | Bridesmaid or Maid of Honor Gifts, Girlfriend Gifts | Birthday, for Mom and Grandma
Personalized Luxury Bath Towels
  • Made from 100% Miasma cotton
  • Choose from 3 monogram designs
  • Multiple thread colors available
  • Zero-twist cotton loops for a premium absorbent towel

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What Is the 8th Anniversary Gemstone?

Tourmaline is the gemstone for the eighth anniversary. It is a semi-precious stone that naturally occurs in many colors, ranging from black to green to pink. Pink tourmaline is believed to relate to matters of the spiritual heart and encourages compassion, gentleness, and love. While green tourmaline relates to the physical heart and promotes courage, strength, stamina, and vitality.

While jewelry is always an excellent anniversary gift, you can also surprise and delight your spouse with a gift of tourmaline jewelry given on any special occasion during your eighth year of marriage.

Tourmaline Jewelry Anniversary Gifts

What Is the 8th Anniversary Flower?

Lilac, the eighth anniversary flower, has historically had a strong association with love and romance. Available in multiples shades of blue, purple, and pink, each with a different meaning, magenta lilacs are the best choice to include in an anniversary bouquet because they symbolize love and passion. If lilacs are unavailable or out of season, the classic anniversary bouquet of red roses will always be appreciated.

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