Gift Ideas for Your 8th Wedding Anniversary

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Cheers to eight years of marriage! This anniversary marks a special milestone in a long term relationship and is a moment to be celebrated and cherished. The number 8 resembles the infinity symbol and represents not only your shared past and journey together as a couple, but also your lifelong commitment.

Take this time to reflect on the past eight years and the remarkable moments filled with love, dedication, and partnership you have shared with your spouse. It is also a time to look forward to a future of many more years of unconditional love, beautiful memories and the promise of two hearts that will be forever intertwined.

8th Anniversary Gifts

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If you’re here it’s probably because you want to know more about the gift themes for the eighth anniversary. What are they and what do they symbolize? The practice of giving specific anniversary gifts has a long history and is an excellent way to provide direction to the gifts you give throughout your marriage. Read on to discover the traditional, modern, gemstone and flower gift themes for the eighth anniversary.

What Is the Traditional 8th Anniversary Gift?

Detail image of a bronze sculpture with a text overlay that reads "Bronze"

Bronze is the traditional eighth anniversary gift. As an alloy made from the fusion of copper and tin, bronze represents a loving union and the transformative power of blending two distinct elements to create something new and treasured. You and your spouse are two parts of a whole, and a gift made from bronze symbolizes your ongoing commitment and everlasting love while you continue to mature and grow together as a couple.

Pottery is considered an alternative traditional gift for the eighth year of marriage but it is also the traditional gift for the ninth anniversary. We recommend reserving this gift theme for your next anniversary.

Featured Bronze Anniversary Gifts

Personalized 8th Anniversary gift wind chime - Traditional bronze anniversary gift windchime, Gift for Couples, Gift for wife, gift for her
Personalized Wind Chime
  • Total 6 aluminum bronze powder-coated tubes
  • Front engraved with names, initials, heart and anniversary date
  • Back features eight engraved tally marks
$59.00 USD

Personalization turns ordinary objects into cherished keepsakes and engraving a couples name with their wedding date is a great way to turn a windchime into a treasured anniversary gift. Perfectly sized for any porch or patio, the carefully tuned chimes will transform every breeze into a melody of memories.

8th Anniversary Personalized Infinity Cuff Bracelet in real Bronze, Nickel, Gold, or Copper, Bangle Bracelet, Hand Stamped, Custom Cuff Bracelet, Coordinate Bracelet, GPS Bracelet - Custom Gifts
Personalized Infinity Cuff Bracelet
  • Personalized with hand stamped letters or numerals
  • Made from solid bronze
  • With a 4-layer coating process
  • Bracelet width is 1.5″
  • Multiple sizes available
$49.99 USD

This one of a kind bracelet takes the shape of an infinity symbol beautifully crafted to wrap around the wrist. The charming hand-stamped message can be further customized with your choice of font style and size, plus you can add design characters to ensure it’s the perfect fit for your loved one.

Customized Gift - I Love You Soundwave Art Print, Visible Voice Bronze 8th Wedding Anniversary or Valentine Gift for him
Personalized Sound Wave Art
  • Transform your audio file into custom wall art
  • Printed on bronze metallic paper with a wood frame and acrylic glass
  • Size: 4.6′ x 6.3″
$34.99 USD

This handmade art converts any sound clip into a unique pattern, like a fingerprint of your voice. Say “I love you” every day in more than one way with this sweet print. Plus, you will receive a QR code of the audio file so your loved one can hear your message whenever they want or need.

More Traditional 8th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Known for its strength, durability and the distinct patina it can develop over time, bronze has long been used to create art and commemorate achievements. Popular gift ideas include sculptures, jewelry, elegant home decor and furnishings. You can also consider giving a gift that is bronze in color to fulfill this year’s traditional theme.

What Is the Modern 8th Anniversary Gift?

Detail image of overlapping linen and lace fabrics with a text overlay that read 'linens & lace'

The modern gift for eight years of marriage is linens & lace. Comfort and warmth are key characteristics of linens and the cozy life you have built with your spouse, while lace represents luxury and delicate artistry.

The term linens refers to household textiles that are used on a daily basis, such as bedding, tablecloths, and towels. This is not to be confused with linen cloth, although it is one of the many fabrics that is used in this category of home goods, it is not a requirement for this year’s anniversary gift theme. Comprised of functional and beautiful items, linens & lace are symbolic of the delicate balance of the splendid and practical elements at the core of a successful marriage.

Featured Linens & Lace Anniversary Gifts

Qualtry Monogrammed Bath Towel, Personalized Beach Towel, Embroidered White Towel with Initials (One Towel Only, MKS Embroidery Design) - Custom Wedding Gifts for The Couple
Personalized Luxury Bath Towel
  • Made from 100% miasma cotton
  • Choose from 3 embroidery designs
  • Multiple thread colors available
  • Zero-twist cotton loops for a premium absorbent towel
$84.99 USD

This plush & ultra-soft bath towel is personalized with an embroidered monogram. With multiple font styles and thread colors available, you can be sure this gift will complement any decor while providing a touch of sophistication and class. Pair it with a towel warmer to turn your bathroom into a luxury spa.

Scarleton Crossbody Bags for Women Travel Bag Purses and Handbags Multi Pocket Lace Shoulder Bag Faux Leather, H191204 - Brown
Crossbody Shoulder Bag
  • High quality faux leather with lace detailing
  • Classic bronze-toned hardware
  • With multiple pockets inside and out
  • And an adjustable shoulder strap
$32.99 USD

This shoulder bag has plenty of zippered pockets to keep belongings organized and secure without being too big and heavy. The premium washed faux leather is ultra soft, durable and easy to clean. And the adjustable strap means your wife can wear it however she wants to practically any occasion.

KitchenAid Onion Quilt KT OM PH Kitchen Towel, Oven Mitt & Potholder Set, Aqua Sky
KitchenAid Quilted Potholder Set
  • 4-piece set includes:
    • Two (2) terry kitchen towels
    • One (1) potholder
    • One (1) oven mitt
  • Made of 100 percent durable, heat-resistant cotton
  • With slip-resistant silicone
$22.00 USD

The oven mitt and pot holder will protect your loved one’s hands while handling hot pots, pans, dishes, and cookware. While the soft and absorbent kitchen towels will help keep their workspace clean, making this a perfect gift for any home cook or baker. Plus, you can pair this 4-piece set with a KitchenAid appliance to put your gift over the top.

More Modern 8th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Modern eighth anniversary gift ideas generally focus on items used in the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. You can also find clothing, accessories, or home decor that incorporate lace material. Whatever you choose, be sure the item is high quality. If available, personalization is also a great way to make your gift more meaningful.

What Is the 8th Anniversary Gemstone?

Closeup image of various cut tourmaline gemstones with a text overlay that reads "tourmaline"

Tourmaline is the gemstone for the eighth anniversary. It is a semi-precious stone that naturally occurs in many colors, ranging from black to green to pink. Pink tourmaline is believed to relate to matters of the spiritual heart and encourages compassion, gentleness, and love. While green tourmaline relates to the physical heart and promotes courage, strength, stamina, and vitality.

Tourmaline Jewelry Anniversary Gifts

While jewelry is always an excellent anniversary gift, you can also surprise and delight your spouse with a gift of tourmaline jewelry given on any special occasion during your eighth year of marriage.

What Is the 8th Anniversary Flower?

Closeup image of lilac cuttings with a text overlay that reads "lilacs"

Lilac, the eighth anniversary flower, has historically had a strong association with love and romance due to their heart-shaped leaves and irresistibly fragrant blooms. Available in multiples shades of blue, purple, and pink, lilacs are synonymous with springtime and a reminder of the the first days of love. Purple lilacs are the best choice to include in an anniversary bouquet because they symbolize eternal love and passion.

Clematis are considered an alternative eighth anniversary flower. If clematis and lilacs are unavailable or out of season, then a bouquet of your spouse’s favorite flower or red roses is sure to be appreciated.

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