Thoughtful Anniversary Gifts for Her in 2024

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Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary! Giving a meaningful gift is a great way to celebrate the love and connection you share with your wife. Take this opportunity to reflect on amazing memories and express your ongoing dedication with a thoughtful gift that will surprise and delight her.

To help you make this year unforgettable, we’ve curated a list of featured gifts for your wife that are perfect for any year of marriage. You can also consider personalized gifts that reflect the thought and effort put into choosing something that is meaningful and unique.

Many couples find inspiration in the gift themes for their year of marriage. In addition to the traditional and modern gift themes, each anniversary also has an associated gemstone and flower. Select your anniversary year on the table below to learn more about that year’s themes and browse fitting gift ideas.

Anniversary Gifts by Year
1st 2nd 3rd 4th
5th 6th 7th 8th
9th 10th 11th 12th
13th 14th 15th 20th
25th 30th 40th 50th

The best strategy to finding the perfect present is to think about your wife’s hobbies and select a gift that will support her interests. Of course, the most important thing to remember about choosing the right gift is to give something from the heart.

Choosing the perfect present for your wife is all about showing your love, appreciation, and understanding of her unique tastes and interests. Popular gift ideas include high-quality jewelry and watches, luxury home goods, meaningful decor, and gifts that will pamper her or promote wellness and self-care.

Featured Anniversary Gift Ideas

Personalized Anniversary Gifts for Her

Choosing a personalized gift adds a unique touch and shows the extra time and attention you put into selecting something that was made just for her. Wall art, jewelry, and keepsake items that have been customized with your names or wedding details are excellent options for a meaningful anniversary gift.

Personalized Anniversary Gift Ideas

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First Anniversary Gifts for Her

The traditional first anniversary gift is paper: probably the most well known anniversary theme, paper represents a new page to write the next chapters of your love story.

The modern first anniversary gift is clocks: which signify your time together as a couple and the many years to come.

The first anniversary gemstone is gold: a precious metal representing prosperity and luxury, gold jewelry is an opulent way to express your love and the perfect unity of your marriage.

The first anniversary flower is carnations: which represent young love and a promise of commitment.

1st Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Second Anniversary Gifts for Her

The traditional second anniversary gift is cotton: representing the weaving together of two lives into a solid union.

The modern second anniversary gift is china: delicate and strong at the same time, china symbolizes the increasing stability of a new marriage. 

The second anniversary gemstone is garnet: most commonly dark red in color, garnets are symbols of the heart and deep feelings of true love.

The second anniversary flower is cosmos: symbolizing the joyful and harmonious union found in a young marriage.

2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Third Anniversary Gifts for Her

The traditional third anniversary gift is leather: symbolizing the strength, flexibility and durability of your marriage after three years together.

The modern third anniversary gift is crystal or glass: known for brilliance and reflection, crystal and glass represent the opportunity to clearly demonstrate your love for your wife.

The third anniversary gemstone is pearl: the only gemstone that is not technically a stone, pearls symbolize the strength and beauty of your one-of-a-kind union.

The third anniversary flower is sunflower: with vibrant and cheerful colors, sunflowers are synonymous with adoration, loyalty, and long-lasting joy.

3rd Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Fourth Anniversary Gifts for Her

The traditional fourth anniversary gift is fruit & flowers: after four years of marriage your love has fully blossomed and ripened to maturity.

The modern fourth anniversary gift is appliances: a quality appliance is reliable and can provide your wife with peace of mind.

The fourth anniversary gemstone is blue topaz: while topaz occurs in many colors, blue topaz is considered the most rare and is a symbol of loyalty and love.

The fourth anniversary flower is geraniums: Known for their lush and rounded blooms that flower throughout the summer, geraniums represent abundance, creativity, and joy.

4th Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Fifth Anniversary Gifts for Her

The traditional fifth anniversary gift is wood: representing stability, strength and longevity.

The modern fifth anniversary gift is silverware: often associated with fine dining, silverware is also an item that is used daily, making it a symbol of everyday enduring love.

The fifth anniversary gemstone is sapphire: synonymous with wisdom, truth, sincerity, and faithfulness.

The fifth anniversary flower is daisies: symbolizing the harmony and balance at the core of your marriage.

5th Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Sixth Anniversary Gifts for Her

The traditional sixth anniversary gift is candy or iron: the gesture of giving candy symbolizes romance, affection, and the pleasure of being in love. While iron symbolizes the flexibility and strength of your marriage.

The modern sixth anniversary gift is wood: representing stability, strength, and longevity. Just as wood sustains and grows, so too has your your love continued to mature and flourish.

The sixth anniversary gemstone is amethyst: a talisman of focus and success, amethyst is believed to enhance creativity and passion.

The sixth anniversary flower is calla lilies: known for their sophistication and sensual form, calla lilies symbolize the beauty of a couple’s love.

6th Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Seventh Anniversary Gifts for Her

The traditional seventh anniversary gift is copper or wool: known for its long-lasting beauty, copper symbolizes strength and resilience. While wool is an alternate choice that represents warmth, comfort, and durability. 

The modern seventh anniversary gift is desk sets: which represents organization, productivity, and meeting the professional goals that enrich and fulfill your personal lives.

The seventh anniversary gemstone is onyx: which represents deep calm, renewal, and the powerful love shared between you and your wife.

The seventh anniversary flower is freesias: which embody the thoughtful and dependable joy that marks seven years of marriage.

7th Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Eighth Anniversary Gifts for Her

The traditional eighth anniversary gift is bronze: an alloy made from the fusion of copper and tin, bronze represents the loving union of blending two parts into one. 

The modern eighth anniversary gift is linens & lace: Comfort and warmth are key characteristics of linens and the cozy life you have built with your wife, while lace represents luxury and delicate artistry.

The eighth anniversary gemstone is tourmaline: pink tourmaline is believed to relate to matters of the spiritual heart and encourages compassion, gentleness, and love.

The eighth anniversary flower is lilac: which have a strong association with love and romance due to their heart-shaped leaves and irresistibly fragrant blooms.

8th Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Ninth Anniversary Gifts for Her

The traditional ninth anniversary gift is pottery: tough enough to be a used every day, but fragile enough to treat with care, pottery represents the dedication required to build and maintain a loving marriage.

The modern ninth anniversary gift is leather: representing the continued strength and durability of your marriage.

The ninth anniversary gemstone is lapis lazuli: a universal symbol of wisdom and truth.

The ninth anniversary flower is bird of paradise: these tropical flowers represent the paradise found at the core of your happy and fulfilling marriage.

9th Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Tenth Anniversary Gifts for Her

The traditional tenth anniversary gift is tin or aluminum: both are durable, yet flexible metals that represent the adaptability needed to navigate the challenges and achievements encountered in a long-term relationship.

The modern tenth anniversary gift is diamond jewelry: which symbolizes strength, endurance, and everlasting love.

The gemstone for the tenth anniversary is diamonds: known to be the hardest mineral in existence, diamonds represent the unbreakable bond at the core of your marriage.

The tenth anniversary flower is daffodil: one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, these cheerful yellow blossoms symbolize resurgence and resilience.

10th Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Eleventh Anniversary Gifts for Her

The traditional eleventh anniversary gift is steel: exceptionally strong and durable, steel symbolizes resilience and the ability to withstand any challenge.

The modern eleventh anniversary gift is fashion jewelry: either worn on a daily basis or as a statement, fashion jewelry is an everyday affirmation or a shouting-from-the-rooftops declaration of your love.

The eleventh anniversary gemstone is turquoise: believed to promote communication and compassion while attracting wealth and bounty, turquoise is a symbol of a committed and invested marriage.

The eleventh anniversary flower is morning glories: with vigorous climbing vines that feature heart-shaped petals, morning glories are associated with tenacity, new beginnings, love, and affection.

11th Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Twelfth Anniversary Gifts for Her

The traditional twelfth anniversary gift is silk or linen: with a smooth texture and appealing luster, silk is often associated with sophistication, luxury, and opulence. While linen is breathable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear, representing comfort and relaxation.

The modern twelfth anniversary gift pearls & gems: representing timeless elegance and a symbol of the enduring beauty and depth of your relationship after twelve years together.

The twelfth anniversary gemstone is jade: traditionally a symbol of good luck, peace, and serenity, representing the good fortune of a tranquil marriage.

The twelfth anniversary flower is peonies: which are associated with blissful unions full of passion and desire.

12th Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Thirteenth Anniversary Gifts for Her

The traditional thirteenth anniversary gift is lace: while seemingly delicate, lace is stronger than it looks and represents the dedication and work put into creating a beautiful life.

The modern thirteenth anniversary gift is textiles: any woven or knitted material made from natural or synthetic fibers, textiles represent the intertwining of two lives.

The thirteenth anniversary gemstone is citrine: a form of yellow quartz, citrine is believed to bring feelings of joy, positivity, and optimism, representing a happy marriage.

The thirteenth anniversary flower is chrysanthemums: these autumn blooms are known for their hardiness and longevity, and are often given as signs of sincerity, optimism, and joy.

13th Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Fourteenth Anniversary Gifts for Her

The traditional fourteenth anniversary gift is ivory: we recommend that—in lieu of giving genuine ivory—you choose a gift that is ivory in color or elephant themed.

The modern fourteenth anniversary gift is gold jewelry: like ivory, gold is a rare material that represents purity and opulence.

The fourteenth anniversary gemstone is opal: as perhaps the most unique gemstone, opal has long been celebrated for its fascinating beauty and ability to refract light in many colors.

The fourteenth anniversary flower is dahlias: available in a wide range of shapes and colors, these showy blooms are associated with creativity, sophistication, and possibility.

14th Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Fifteenth Anniversary Gifts for Her

The traditional fifteenth anniversary gift is crystal: representing the strength and clarity required to achieve a long-lasting relationship.

The modern fifteenth anniversary gift is watches: a wearable reminder of the quality time you spend together with your wife and the enduring love and commitment of marriage.

The fifteenth anniversary gemstone is ruby: featuring a deep red color, rubies have long been associated with passion and enduring love.

The fifteenth anniversary flower is roses: considered the ultimate flower of love and romance, red roses symbolize beauty, passion and true love.

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Twentieth Anniversary Gifts for Her

The traditional twentieth anniversary gift is china: which symbolizes the combination of grace and durability necessary for a long-lasting marriage.

The modern twentieth anniversary gift is platinum: as one of the strongest and most enduring metals, platinum signifies the highest level of excellence.

The twentieth anniversary gemstone is emerald: believed to represent eternal love and the strong connection between spouses.

The twentieth anniversary flower is aster: with their vivid colors and multitude of petals, asters represent deep connections, commitment, and loyalty.

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Twenty-fifth Anniversary Gifts for Her

The twenty-fifth anniversary is known as the “silver jubilee” because the traditional, modern, and gemstone gift themes are all silver. Silver gifts represent strength, endurance, and the brilliance of a relationship that has stood the test of time.

The twenty-fifth anniversary flower is irises: associated with the goddess Iris who served as a messenger of the gods in Greek mythology, irises represent communication and wisdom.

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Thirtieth Anniversary Gifts for Her

The traditional thirtieth anniversary gift is pearls: due to their natural formation, every pearl is unique and symbolizes wisdom gained through experience.

The modern thirtieth anniversary gift is diamond: made from pure carbon and known to be the hardest mineral in existence, diamonds represent strength and endurance.

The thirtieth anniversary gemstone is pearl: representing the ability to overcome seeming hardships to grow stronger and more beautiful.

The thirtieth anniversary flower is lilies: with tall stems and large, resplendent blooms, red and orange lilies symbolize ardor and renewed love in the context of romantic relationships.

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Fortieth Anniversary Gifts for Her

The fortieth anniversary is known as the “ruby jubilee” because the traditional, modern, and gemstone gift themes are all ruby. Long associated with passion, rubies are an extremely romantic gift that symbolizes enduring love.

The fortieth anniversary flower is gladiolus: deriving their name from the Latin word gladius, meaning sword, gladioli are eassociated with strength, sincerity, and loyalty.

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Fiftieth Anniversary Gifts for Her

The fiftieth anniversary is known as the “golden jubilee” because the traditional, modern, and gemstone gift themes are all gold. Prized for its rarity and tarnish resistant qualities, gold has enduring value and timeless beauty which is perfect for celebrating the amazing accomplishment of fifty years of wedded bliss.

The the fiftieth anniversary flower is yellow roses: with their sunny color, sweet fragrance, and soft petals, yellow roses represent the inner radiance and grace found at the heart of an enduring marriage.

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