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Gemstone Jewelry Anniversary Gifts by Year

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Each wedding anniversary has a gemstone gift associated with the year of marriage. We’ve selected our favorite gemstone jewelry gifts for every major anniversary, from the first to the fiftieth.

While jewelry is always an excellent choice for an anniversary gift, you can also surprise and delight your wife on any special occasion throughout the year with a gift of jewelry that features the gemstone for your current anniversary.

Anniversary Gemstones by Year
1st: Gold 2nd: Garnet 3rd: Pearl 4th: Blue Topaz
5th: Sapphire 6th: Amethyst 7th: Onyx 8th: Tourmaline
9th: Lapis Lazuli 10th: Diamond 11th: Turquoise 12th: Jade
13th: Citrine 14th: Opal 15th: Ruby 20th: Emerald
25th: Silver 30th: Pearl 40th: Ruby 50th: Gold

What Is the 1st Anniversary Gemstone Gift?

The first anniversary gemstone is gold. While technically not a gemstone, gold is a precious metal that represents purity and opulence. A gift of gold jewelry is a treasured reminder of the perfect unity shared between you and your wife.

Ross-Simons Italian 14kt Yellow Gold Textured Love Knot Pendant Necklace. 18 inches
14K Gold Love Knot Necklace
  • Gold love knot pendant is the symbol of eternal love
  • Designed by Ross-Simons
  • Available in 18″ or 20″ length chains
  • Features a criss cross chain and spring ring clasp
  • Crafted in Italy
  • Gift box included
$139.00 USD

What Is the 2nd Anniversary Gemstone Gift?

Most commonly dark red in color, garnet is the second anniversary gemstone. As a symbol of deep feelings of love, garnet jewelry is truly a gift from the heart.

Peora Garnet Heart Stud Earrings for Women in 14 Karat White Gold, Classic Solitaire Studs, 6mm, 1.75 Carats total, Friction Back
14K Gold Heart-Cut Garnet Earrings
  • Genuine garnet, 1.74 carats
  • Heart-cut, 6 mm
  • Features stud posts with secure friction backings
  • Gift packaging included
$149.99 USD

What Is the 3rd Anniversary Gemstone Gift?

Pearl is the third anniversary gemstone. The layers of concentric circles that form a pearl symbolize wisdom gained through experience and represent the perfect union you share with your wife.

Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace Set Includes Stunning Bracelet and Stud Earrings Jewelry for Women - VIKI LYNN
Cultured Pearl Jewelry Set
  • Features hand-picked freshwater cultured pearls
  • Set includes 18″ necklace, 7.5-8″ bracelet
  • And a pair of 10-10.5mm stud earrings
  • With 18K gold plated pea clasps
  • Gift box included
$99.99 USD

What Is the 4th Anniversary Gemstone Gift?

Blue topaz is considered the most rare color of topaz and is the gemstone associated with the fourth anniversary. Symbolizing loyalty and love, blue topaz represents eternal romance and the deep emotional attachment found at the core of your marriage.

Ross-Simons 12.00 Carat London Blue Topaz Ring in Sterling Silver
London Blue Topaz Cocktail Ring
  • Features an emerald cut 12 carat London blue topaz stone
  • Measures 5/8″ wide
  • 925 sterling silver mount
  • Presentation box included

What Is the 5th Anniversary Gemstone Gift?

Unmistakably vivid and historically favored by royalty, sapphire is the gemstone for the fifth wedding anniversary. As a symbol of wisdom, nobility, truth, sincerity, and faithfulness a sapphire gift is believed to bring good fortune to your spouse and marriage.

Dazzlingrock Collection 14K Round White Diamond & Blue Sapphire Stackable Wedding Band 1/3 CT, Yellow Gold, Size 5
Diamond & Sapphire Anniversary Band
  • Stackable band features round cut blue sapphires and diamonds
  • Total gem weight: 1/3 ct
  • Prong setting crafted from 14K gold
  • Available in white, yellow and rose gold
$299.15 USD

What Is the 6th Anniversary Gemstone Gift?

Amethyst, the sixth anniversary gemstone, is a well-known talisman of focus and success and is believed to enhance creativity and passion. Also known and the “Couples Stone,” amethyst represents fidelity and the deep connection shared between you and your wife.

Ross-Simons 16.00 ct. t.w. Amethyst Bracelet in Sterling Silver
Checkerboard-Cut Amethyst Bracelet
  • Total gem weight: 16 ct
  • Bracelet crafted from sterling silver
  • Length: 7.5″ x  3/8″, plus a 1″ extender
  • Secure lobster clasp
  • Gift box included
$79.00 USD

What Is the 7th Anniversary Gemstone Gift?

Onyx, the seventh anniversary gemstone, is usually black in color and has come to represent deep calm, renewal, and the powerful love shared between you and your wife.

Ross-Simons Pear-Shaped Black Onyx Drop Earrings in 14kt Yellow Gold
Black Onyx Dangle Earrings
  • Features pear shape black onyx with 14K yellow gold accents
  • Earrings measure 1/2″ wide, 1 3/8″ hanging length
  • Earwire backing is comfortable & easy to use
  • Gift box included
$221.25 USD

What Is the 8th Anniversary Gemstone Gift?

Tourmaline, the gemstone for the eight anniversary, is a semi-precious stone that naturally occurs in many colors, ranging from black to green to pink. Pink tourmaline is believed to relate to matters of the spiritual heart and encourages compassion, gentleness, and love.

Carleen 14k Solid Rose Gold Natural Pink 0.7258ct Tourmaline Stud Earrings for Women Girls
14K Gold & Tourmaline Stud Earrings
  • 0.7258 ct natural pink tourmaline
  • 14K solid rose gold mounts with heart details
  • Measures 4mm
  • Gift box included
$255.00 USD

What Is the 9th Anniversary Gemstone Gift?

A universal symbol of wisdom and truth, lapis lazuli is the ninth anniversary gemstone. Considered a “celestial” stone, lapis lazuli is composed of a deep blue lazurite, white calcite, and golden flecks of pyrite that give it a cosmic appearance. Said to promote self-reflection and inner-peace, lapis lazuli symbolizes the honesty and compassion at the core of your marriage.

Ross-Simons Lapis Drop Pendant Collar Necklace in Sterling Silver. 16 inches
Lapis Lazuli Drop Pendant Necklace
  • Sterling silver collar necklace
  • Features a 25 x 20 mm polished lapis bead
  • Measures 16″ long,  2 mm wide
  • Hook clasp
  • Gift box included

What Is the 10th Anniversary Gemstone Gift?

Diamond is the tenth anniversary gemstone gift. The word diamond comes from the ancient Greek word adamas, meaning invincible. Made from pure carbon and known to be the hardest mineral in existence, diamonds represent the unbreakable bond and pure love at the core of your marriage.

14k White Gold Diamond Snow Flake Pendant Necklace For Women 18 Inch Chain.45cts
Diamond Snowflake Pendant Necklace
  • .45 cts genuine diamond gemstones
  • 14K white gold snowflake setting
  • 18″ gold chain
  • Pendant measures 0.65″ x 0.06″
  • Gift box included

What Is the 11th Anniversary Gemstone Gift?

Turquoise is the eleventh anniversary gemstone gift. As the first gemstone ever mined, the natural beauty and long history of turquoise is unequalled. Turquoise is believed to promote communication and compassion while attracting wealth and bounty, symbolizing a committed and invested marriage. As turquoise mines have been depleted, jewelry made from treated or enhanced stones had become more common.

Barse Turquoise and Lime Turquoise Statement Necklace
Turquoise Statement Necklace
  • Made from slabs of natural turquoise & lime turquoise
  • Necklace length: 18″
  • Cuban chain features a bronze finish and easy hook clasp
$126.12 USD

What Is the 12th Anniversary Gemstone Gift?

Jade, the twelfth anniversary gemstone, occurs in a variety of colors but green is the most common and well known. Traditionally a symbol of good luck, peace, and serenity, jade represents the good fortune of a tranquil marriage.

10K Yellow Gold Genuine Green Jade and Cultured Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings (62x11mm)
Jade & Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings
  • Crafted from genuine jade, freshwater pearls & 10k gold
  • Approximate length: 2 3/8″
  • 10K gold post with wire earring back
$126.82 USD

What Is the 13th Anniversary Gemstone Gift?

Citrine, the thirteenth anniversary gemstone, is a form of yellow quartz and is believed to bring feelings of joy, positivity, and optimism. A gift of citrine represents the happiness you feel in your marriage.

10k Yellow Gold Vintage Style Genuine Emerald-Cut Citrine and Diamond Ring
10K Gold Citrine & Diamond Statement Ring
  • Emerald cut genuine citrine
  • Center stone measures 10 x 8 mm
  • Solid 10k yellow gold mount with round diamond accents
  • Vintage-inspired design features milgrain work
  • Gift box included

What Is the 14th Anniversary Gemstone Gift?

Opal is the fourteenth anniversary gemstone gift. Opal is the gemstone for the 14th anniversary. As perhaps the most unique gemstone, opal has long been celebrated for its fascinating beauty and ability to refract light in many colors. The conditions that lead to the formation of opal are rare, making lab-created opal a popular choice among jewelers.

14K Yellow Gold 7X10mm White Opal Teardrop Gemstone Drop Earrings, October Birthstone, Dainty Opal Gemstones Earrings, Bridal Handmade Wedding Jewelry Gift for Brides
White Opal Pear-Cut Earrings
  • Handmade with high quality 14K solid gold
  • Features white pear-cut opals
  • Gemstones measure 7 x 10 mm
  • Gift box included
$139.00 USD

What Is the 15th Anniversary Gemstone Gift?

Ruby is the fifteenth anniversary gemstone gift.

Finejewelers 10k White Gold Oval Created Ruby with White Topaz accent stones Halo Pendant Necklace
Created Ruby Halo Pendant Necklace
  • Features 8 x 6 mm oval cut center stone
  • With white topaz accents
  • Rhodium-plated 10K white gold halo setting
  • Pendant measures 16 x 9.2 mm
  • 18″ chain
  • Gift box included
$149.99 USD

What Is the 20th Anniversary Gemstone Gift?

Emerald is the twentieth anniversary gemstone gift.

2 ct Natural Emerald Leaf Climber Stud Earrings in 10K Gold
10K Gold Natural Emerald Leaf Earrings
  • Features 2 ct marquis cut natural emeralds
  • Unique leaf climber design
  • 10K yellow gold setting
  • Measures 1 3/8″ length
  • Friction-back posts
  • Gift box included
$300.00 USD

What Is the 25th Anniversary Gemstone Gift?

Silver is the twenty-fifth anniversary gemstone gift.

Ross-Simons Italian Sterling Silver Jewelry Set: 3 Hammered Bangle Bracelets. 7.5 inches
Set of 3 Hammered Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelets
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Clasp-free for easy, comfortable styling
  • Crafted in Italy
  • Gift box included
$169.00 USD

What Is the 30th Anniversary Gemstone Gift?

Pearl is the thirtieth anniversary gemstone gift.

Clare White 6-7mm AAA Quality Freshwater 925 Sterling Silver Cultured Pearl Ring For Women
Classic Cultured Pearl Ring
  • Solitaire AAA-grade genuine freshwater cultured pearl
  • Measures between 6 to 7mm
  • .925 sterling silver mount
  • Gift box included

What Is the 40th Anniversary Gemstone Gift?

Ruby is the fortieth anniversary gemstone gift.

Genuine Luxurious 3 Cttw Ruby & Diamond (G-H, I1-I2) Earrings and Necklace Set in 14K Gold (Yellow-Gold)
Genuine Ruby Jewelry Set
  • Set features genuine pear cut rubies with diamond accents
  • 3 ct total gem weight
  • 14K yellow gold settings and necklace chain
  • Necklace measure 16″ with a spring ring clasp
$599.99 USD

What Is the 50th Anniversary Gemstone Gift?

Gold is the fiftieth wedding anniversary gemstone.

Eternity Gold Interlocking Oval Link Chain Bracelet in Three-Tone 10K Gold
10K Gold Three-Tone Bracelet
  • Put a twist on your favorite chain bracelet
  • Twisted oval chain design
  • Features alternating 10K white & yellow gold links
  • Interlocked with delicate, textured rose gold links
  • Bracelet length: 8″
  • Secure lobster clasp
$319.00 USD

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