Sculpting Tool Set

U.S. Art Supply 26-Piece Pottery & Clay Sculpting Tool Sets with Canvas Cases
  • Complete 26-piece Set of Clay Sculpture Tools
  • A unique set that contains a wide variety of tools to be used on a variety of clays including pottery and air drying clay, Das, Polymer clay, and plasticine
  • 12-Piece Set Contains: Wood Potters Rib, Wood Modeling Tool, Metal Scraper, Wire Clay Cutter, Steel Scrapers, Ribbon Tool, Needle Tool, Loop Tool and a Sponge
  • 14-Piece Set Contains: Detail Tool, Cleanup Tool, Drill Retouching and Sculpting Needle, 3 Ribbon Tools, 6 Wood Modeling Tools and a Needle/Lace Tool
  • Each set is packaging in it's own Canvas Carry Case
$28.99 USD

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